Aspire Realty Group Scholarships

Aspire Realty Group, Aspire - Scholarship Program 

Aspire Realty Group believes that working with and supporting kids is one of the best things that we can do to help the future of our community. Dave and Aylin Crete, owners of Aspire Realty Group, have spent their entire adult life working with and supporting not only their own kids but many others along the way. Dave Crete, often referred to as Coach Crete, has been coaching youth and high school sports since 1992 and takes great pride in his work as he has helped countless kids achieve their goal of going to college and playing collegiate sports. Their desire to help kids, with the support of the REALTORS who work within their company are taking another step to help kids achieve their dreams. Aspire Realty Group will provide three scholarships per year as follows: 

1. First Place Scholarship - $2,500

2. Second Place Scholarship - $1,500

3. Third Place Scholarship - $1,000 

These scholarships are designed to reward well rounded high school students who have proven themselves worthy. These scholarships will not necessarily be awarded to the highest GPA or the fastest kid on the track. These scholarships will go to students who perform well in many areas. 

These scholarships may be used at any post-secondary educational institution, regardless if it is public or private college, trade school or any other type of institution where a diploma will be obtained upon completion of the selected program. Scholarships, once awarded, will be paid directly to the institution of the students choosing once the student has been accepted and enrolled for their course of study. A student awarded a scholarship may use the award for any educational expense and is not restricted to tuition only. 

To be eligible, the child must be currently enrolled in a public, charter or private high school located in Clark County Nevada. They must complete the scholarship application packet. Scholarships will be awarded on a onetime basis to each recipient; they are not annual (per year) scholarships. Each year new winners will be selected. 

Each applicant will be evaluated on each of the following categories: 

1. Grade Point Average (verified by an original report card or other official report from applicant’s school).

2. SAT/ACT scores

3. Extracurricular activities (sports, clubs, civic groups, charities…)

4. Three Letters of Recommendation

5. A 500 word essay detailing why they should be the scholarship award winner. They may also include any other information they feel appropriate. 

The applicants will be narrowed down to 10 finalists by the owners, staff and agents of Aspire Realty Group. Once the 10 finalists are selected, those applications will be forwarded to the judges who will be Aspire Realty Group's previous years clients for final selection. The scoring will be based on a five-point scoring system per category with five being the best possible score in each category and 25 points being the best possible overall score. The past clients who participate in the judging of the finalist will submit their scores for each finalist to Dave Crete and Aylin Crete, Owners of Aspire Realty Group. Those scores will be tallied and the recipients will be awarded based off the point total accumulated from all those who participated as judges. If there is a tie, those who have tied will play a game of chance in the offices of Aspire Realty Group or another suitable location until there is a clear winner. The game of chance will be either cutting for high card in a deck of 52 playing cards or a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors and will be done as a best two out of three. 

Scholarships, once awarded, will be paid directly to the educational institution once the student has been accepted and enrolled. A student awarded the scholarships may use the award for any educational expense and is not restricted to tuition only. 

To receive an application, each applicant must have their parent or guardian request an application in one of the following ways: 


•Email Dave Crete at and request an application.

• Call 702-202-3131 and ask for Dave or Aylin Crete and state you are calling regarding a scholarship application.

• Go to Aspire Realty Group's office at 2590 Nature Park Dr., Suite 175, North Las Vegas, NV 89084 during normal business hours.

• When requesting an application, please ensure that the parent/guardian and students name is included as well as each person’s phone number and email address.

• Applications may be turned in at any point during the year but not later than March 31st of each year. Scholarship winners will be announced by May 1st of the same year. 

Employees and their families or independent contracts and their families affiliated with Aspire Realty Group or DMAG LLC are not eligible for these scholarships.